Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3D Max: Parametric Bridge

Tutorial covers the use of reference copies of splines to control geometry. Extrude, shell, and sweep modifiers used. I first saw this tutorial at David Fano's excellent DesignReform site - which has many useful 3D Max, Grasshopper, and Revit Tutorials.
Length: 12.16


DaveFano said...

Hey Glen-

A friend just brought these videos to my attention. I usually don't worry about this sort of stuff but these max videos are exercises that i spent a lot of time originating and continue to use professionally. I would appreciate some credit on the max video that are very much like videos on DesignReform.



Unknown said...

thanks! i´m just starting to knew about parametric design, your tutorials are the best!! it helps me a lot!!!

Glenn Wilcox said...

Sorry - Dave - this comment is so late - I just saw your comment - yes I will definately credit your design reform site as a source - I often do this directly through comment in my videos when I've learned something there - or through the descriptions. Please - feel free to duplicate or link to whatever you find on my site.

Unknown said...

Great article. Thanks for sharing.

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