Monday, December 13, 2010

Digital Fabrication Work

Had the opportunity last week to sit on a review of Maciej Kaczynski's Digital Fabrication class here at University of Michigan. The class was taught in tandem with David Pigram's Rhinoscript class. The student groups were made up of student's enrolled in both classes - so each project was scripted and fabricated out of steel or aluminum. I thought the work was outstanding and demonstrated a high degree sophistication with the tools. Below are a few iPhone shots.

Rivet Reef: Andrew Aulerich, Rennie Jones, Brenna Williams, Conor Wood

Rust Belt: Bob Bradfield, Bruce Findling, Mark Meier, Clay Montgomery

Dragonsloth: Bryan Alcorn, Lauren Bebry, Ben Hagenhofer-Daniell, Mikhail Kim, Jesse Wetzel