Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Student Work: Arch 591 - Fall 09 - Boards

Student Work: Arch 591 - Fall 09

Below are a few of the 3D prints and laser cut models from the final project in the Fall 2009 Generative Design Computing Course. The project was about 3 weeks in duration - the students were asked to design a small pavilion using the parametric modeling techniques explored throughout the term.

Andrey Budzinskiy

Fernando Velho

Xuanru Chen

Victoria Chu

Yu-Ying Tsai

Wenda Sun

Friday, December 11, 2009

Scripted Scalable Truss

This is a current project I'm playing around with - a scalable truss form - in which the thickness of the surface and the degree of the offset is determined by the distance from the ground plane. This was done in rhinoscript - which I found easier to do than in grasshopper. However, I have a student in studio who has developed a similar system in grasshopper. My plan is to design more complex geometry with the system and more sophisticated levels of control for varying thickness and opening - eventually fabricating a full scale cast construction.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rhinoscript Work

A little over a month ago I went to a 3 day workshop in Chicago that was part of the Acadia conference. I was looking forward to an intensive 8-9hrs a day for 3 days - for better comprehension - and was not disappointed. Below are a few images of some things that came out of the workshop - nothing refined yet - but also an opportunity to play around with vray for rhino - as I usually do most of my rendering in max.

My plan is to do a sort of comparative analysis between rhinoscript and grasshopper. The question being - what is the advantage of learning script if we have tools such as grasshopper and paneling tools - through which we can create similar forms? Which is apparent through some of the examples below. My first conclusion is that understanding - at least some fundamentals of scripting - has helped me comprehend geometry, functionality, and logic of grasshopper to a greater degree - also there is obviously a greater selection of tools available in scripting then in grasshopper - although many you have to run through command lines (not actually part of the script) such as, pipe, patch, and fillet. My intention is to cover scripting in future versions of the Generative Design Computing Class. More scripting stuff to come...