Friday, October 22, 2021

Introduction to Rhinocerous Orthographic Drawing Series

 This is a series of video tutorials I put together to support an introductory architecture design studio. They are intended for an audience that has little to no previous experience/knowledge of Rhino. The end goal was to be able to produce a set of measured orthographic drawings of a house precedent from a series of input bitmap sketches/drawings. So the last few videos deal with that specifically using the sketch of a simple cabin as an example. 

01_Rhino_Intro_Interface:  17.29

02_Rhino_Layers_Grid:  9.23

03_Rhino_Line_Creation_Ortho:  8.12

04_Rhino_Editing_Lines:  12.44

05_Rhino_Transformations:  12.40

06_Rhino_Background_Bitmap:  11.57

07_Rhino_Plan_Construction:  16.44

08_Rhino_Section_Construction:  18.39

09_Rhino_Export_To_Illustrator:  11.38

House Sketch

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